Hey there and welcome to my Humanities Portfolio! I’m Tifani Panek and I’m so happy you’re here. This portfolio represents the intellectual work and growth I’ve accomplished over the year in the Davidson College Humanities 103/104 program.

Click on any of the links above in the menu above to see! Take your pick of definitions, project papers from one of the units, something new creative essays, photos, reviews, and more. The three pictures seen above are from my study trip to Athens, Greece. The buttons on these pictures also lead to some definitions of revolution and humanities as well as my research paper on complicity in white supremacy spaces of the neoclassical.

As I think back to the beginning of the year, I cannot begin to fathom the immense growth that I have undergone since our first days in Black Mountains, North Carolina for Sapere Aude orientation. This portfolio has evolved with me over the year, maturing intellectually and emotionally. I would like to thank the Humanities professors as well as the Fellows and librarians for supporting me in this journey.   

This portfolio is entitled “Positions of Power” due to the key role that power dynamics play in revolution and the humanities. To explore this idea further, see my research paper, which deals with how the neoclassical has been usurped for white supremacist ideology and is still present as symbols of white superiority in many spaces we encounter every day.

*all photos not cited are taken by me*

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