This is a creative writing piece to describe my feelings after it was found that there were two Neo-Nazi students on campus. See more about this here

Bare by Tifani Panek

A broken promise

Left chronic


A mistake,

I took solace in that

Admissions weeded out

Those who checked the box



Stuffed into a closet

It is all too common

So why am I still astonished


A broken promise

Left chronic


I’ve forgotten.

In my high school

Inferiority had no authority

Solidarity was our priority


I’ve forgotten.

Davidson operates by a different currency

Our polarities transparent


If solidarity was our priority

Minorities should not tell each other to be weary of the

“White wave” of incoming students


An “us vs. them” mentality

Has become our banality


Students of color who say they

Do not have any real white friends

After four years

Makes me question the idea of peers


Segregation instead of integration

False pretenses of joviality


A broken promise

Left chronic


I, like you,

Have a heart that pumps blood

Lungs that breathe the same air

A brain that yearns for knowledge


As I sit in nutrition class

Next to a Neo-Nazi

Learning about bodies that

Work the same

But think very differently


A broken promise

Now empty.